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Welcome to Amygdala

We are passionate believers in the value of a therapeutic process that tackles the difficult issues and promotes development. When a positive difference is made, even in the detail of our attitudes, our ways of experiencing the world and our behaviors, the benefits ripple outward toward our significant others, and the future.

Every client is different, their needs vary and their issues are personal and particular to themselves. Our practice adapts to each client rather than expects clients to adapt to our practice. One size does not fit all, we tailor our responses to your focus.

All of us function through our own unique psychology, sometimes referred to as ‘mindset’. The way we experience everything in living, relating to others and working is filtered through this lens and affected by what we’ve been through and what we bring to it of ourselves. This applies to our capacities and abilities, our perspectives and moods, our work, and even financial realities. Our psychology has everything to do with the way we experience love, or the lack of it, our sexuality, our productivity, parenting, and relationships with friends, family, colleagues and associates. What a rich field for exploration !!

But our process is not limited to exploration. We are concerned to use the perspectives and insights gleaned through a process of mutual discovery as a call to action. Learning to communicate with and understand others is key. We are concerned to work at improving inner experience and outer behaviour, performance and functioning. In turn, this benefits the quality of our relationships and the standard of our work.

We work individually and with couples in psychotherapy and counselling to relieve mental suffering, to dismantle destructive patterns and generally, to improve how we feel and function. In addition, we have considerable expertise in supervision (for other professionals), mediation, executive coaching and business advisory.

Amygdala’s mission is to assist others to find and create value and meaning in living and working, to make our endeavours more fulfilling and satisfying, in a word: to make life more liveable. And to remove, as far as possible, the obstacles to that, from within ourselves and between us. We have a long history of success in helping others and would welcome the opportunity to work with you. Welcome to Amygdala!