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Advisory Services

Advisory Services

Combining the science of business fundamentals with the art of business performance, Amygdala Consulting supports organisations to innovate, commercialise, grow and scale. 

With decades of commercial experience across the organisational lifecycle, Jan and Cath Resnick have, themselves, occupied positions as owners, entrepreneurs, advisors, mentors and non-executive directors.

Together, they are well placed to support boards and executive teams identify practical and achievable pathways, to navigate the challenges and responsibilities that leadership brings, and position their organisations for sustainable success. 






Strategic Advisory

Amygdala Consulting delivers psychologically informed and pragmatic strategic advisory and commercialisation services to entrepreneurs, NGOs, boards and executive teams during periods of transformation, growth and scale.

In an era of increasing complexity and demand, bringing together people and data to successfully drive opportunities and growth, requires thought, leadership and practical experience.

With an established reputation as an industry leader, and more than 25 years experience leading innovation across industries, Cath Resnick leads Amygdala’s commercial advisory services.   Cath is an experienced non-executive director, entrepreneur and psychotherapist bringing a wealth of experience in strategy, commercialisation, digital technologies, transformation, leadership development and cultural change.

Specialising in rapidly growing and scaling organisations, and those seeking to innovate and commercialise novel technologies, we bring a suite of proprietary resources and frameworks, to support agile organisational design and development in rapidly scaling organisations.

Our clients engage us for:

  • Innovation and Commercialisation
  • Growth and Scale
  • Governance
  • Culture Change
  • Organisational Design and Development
  • Family business
  • Succession planning


Leadership Development

With the ever-increasing pace of change, leadership and leadership capabilities in individuals, organisations and communities are in greater demand than ever.

Amygdala develops and delivers a range of coaching and mentoring programs, to support the development of leaders, leadership capabilities and facilitative environments for business owners and executives.

Leadership begins with a sound knowledge and understanding of oneself, one’s motivations, desires, strengths, weaknesses and capabilities. It is through an understanding of oneself, that we can have empathy for and understanding of others. In addition, resilience, ethics, consistency and reliability as well as sound business acumen are fundamental to effective leadership.

With a focus on Founders, CEOs and their senior leadership teams, Amygdala Consulting’s psychologically informed solutions are tailored to each individual organisation.

Executive Coaching

Whether you have found yourself thrust into a leadership position with minimal previous experience, struggling with imposter syndrome, loneliness, work related stress or simply wanting to build and extend capabilities, executive coaching can make a pivotal difference to your success.

Executive Coaching is an individualised process to build executive capabilities, resolve conflicts and create greater effectiveness. Coaching brings a dialogue that both supports executives and also delivers input and motivation for improved performance and results.

Founders, in particular, can find themselves struggling with mental health issues or burnout as a result of their business and fear stepping back in case the business suffers.  As psychotherapists, Amygdala coaches are well positioned to support founder growth, development and mental wellbeing, throughout their transition from startup to scale up by building capability, resilience, leadership and business acumen in parallel with the growth and development of their business.

Executive Coaching is not a linear process, and often achieves the most significant results the longer and more consistently the process is engaged. The combination of an established relationship, trust, openness and accountability create an environment where exponentially greater change and development can occur. This is particularly the case with respect to the development of emotional intelligence, and the capacity for ‘being’ – which can best be achieved within the context of a relationship.

Amygdala Consulting’s preferred method for delivering Executive Coaching is through a relationship of not less than one year. We believe this is how we can deliver our clients the best results. That said, we understand that organisations do not always operate in an ‘ideal’ environment. Amygdala Consulting offers a range of flexible options, which we can adjust to suit your particular requirements, and the complex nature and timetables of many executives.


Peer Mentoring Groups

Alongside executive coaching, Amygdala offers a small number of professionally chaired, confidential peer mentoring groups to support founders, CEOs and CSOs (Chief Scientific Officers) to grow themselves and their organisations. A curated group of peers who work together over a period of time, learning, challenging and supporting each other with shared experiences and common questions.  

Peer mentor groups typically consist of 8-12 members of similar, but not competitive, industry leaders who may be dealing with similar business challenges – either by nature of their industry (deep tech / biotech / medtech ) or via type or stage of business (family business, series A startup).

Founders meet with the same curated and professionally chaired group of peers over an extended period of time (minimum commitment 12 months). The length and consistency of these relationships builds trust and facilitates an environment of safety where different perspectives can be shared and robust conversations can take place.


Next Steps

If you, your organization or industry group is interested in finding out more, please call +61 (8) 9383 3132 or email info@amygdala.com.au to find out more.