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Developmental Psychotherapy and the
Pursuit of Mental Health

By Jan Resnick

With a Foreword by Nancy McWilliams

There was an epidemic of mental ill health before the pandemic. Now it is exponentially worse. At the same time, there have never been more mental health professionals and practices. This contradiction is the background to Jan Resnick’s masterpiece, which uses theory, discussion, and case studies to show what is central to therapeutic practice.

How Two Love

Making your relationship work and last

By Jan Resnick


How Two Love sets out with a bold ambition; to offer the tools and guidance you need to solve these problems, turning the practice of love into an art. How Two Love is a celebration of our relationships, not as a formula, but as a work in progress, messy and complex and wonderful. With a transparency that refreshes, and a lightness that will leave you smiling, internationally respected author and educator Jan Resnick turns his extensive experience of psychotherapy and couples counselling into a series of charmingly recounted stories from his consulting room.