Clinical Supervision

Clinical Supervision is conducted either individually or in a Supervision Group. Either way the aim of supervision is to attend to our clinical work with a view to improving it. So, clinical supervision is for Counsellors and Psychotherapists or other related professionals such as Doctors, Alternative Medical Practitioners, Psychiatrists, Paediatricians, Psychologists or Social Workers. Jan has experience in supervising all of these professionals as well as others working with mental health matters, for example, lawyers who have trauma survivors as clients.

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The clinician brings in an example of their work and raises questions, issues or concerns as a means to open a discussion. We consider different ways of looking at the material, different possible approaches or theoretical understandings and we endeavour to find the best approach to making your work effective and making a positive difference for your patients.

We often suggest that professionals bring in the worst example from their current practices or whatever is most challenging, most difficult, most resistant to improvement. It is accepted within the profession that we usually do not use supervision to show off our best work but attend to and invite other perspectives upon the weakest example of your work. The process of supervision is well-known to promote continuous improvements our professional work. As no ‘case’ is the same as any other, we can always learn from more case discussions.

Many professional associations require their members to attend supervision on an ongoing basis well after graduation and no matter how long we have been in practice. It is believed that anyone may continue to benefit and grow professionally by continuing to work with a more senior supervisor.

Supervision is an integral part of clinical training and an integral part of post-graduate professional life.

Dr Resnick runs a Supervision Group in 10-week blocks roughly corresponding with the school terms depending on the demand for it. These are open to students and qualified professionals alike and have been running for over 25 years. He also welcomes individual appointments for supervision at any time or on an ongoing basis. Jan Resnick is also an accredited Supervisor for Psychiatry Registrars for Psychotherapy, by the Royal Australian New Zealand College of Psychiatrists.

Please phone 9383 3132 for further details.

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