Corporate Consulting

Our Corporate Consulting services builds on our diverse experience to understand your business’s objectives and work with you to plan and achieve measurable goals.

The directors of Amygdala Consulting have over 50 years of combined business experience ranging from the birth and establishment of a small business through all the challenging phases of business life including growth and downsizing, restructures and closures, development and succession planning.

Their experience includes periods of economic growth and recession, in industries as diverse as health, engineering, construction (residential and commercial), human services, retail, wholesale, legal, education and financial services.

Within these industry sectors, Amygdala’s directors have occupied positions as owners, entrepreneurs, managers, advisors and mentors.  So they know first hand the challenges that leadership brings, and the responsibilities of good governance.


Support & Advice to Management and Boards

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We provide timely expert advice on:

  • Strategic Planning,
  • Performance Management,
  • Negotiation of Change,
  • Conflict Resolution,
  • Mediation and Dispute Resolution as well as the
  • Facilitation of a coaching/mentoring culture.

Specific Expertise:

  • Family Businesses
  • Women in Leadership



Business Coaching / Consulting

Amygdala Consulting offers a suite of small business services and training to support small to medium enterprises build and develop their businesses.  Some of our services include:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Market Psychology
  • Executive Coaching
  • People Performance
  • Tender Preparation



Executive Coaching

Amygdala Consulting maintains a select pool of executive coaches, each of whom are highly skilled clinicians with strong governance and business knowledge, alongside having held senior level executive and board positions themselves.   Establishing long-term partnerships with a discreet number of loyal clients, ensures Amygdala’s consultants thoroughly understand your organisation’s culture and objectives, working with you to deliver increased value over time, and ensuring a high level of flexibility and availability.

Focussing on agreed learning and developmental paths, clinical training ensures that any underlying psychological issues are identified early, clear strategies are developed to ensure appropriate treatment (if required) and/or that communications and coaching are delivered in the most sensitive yet effective way to ensure the best possible outcome.

Whilst Amygdala Consulting’s consultants have available to them a wide range of tools, assessments and approaches, their significant experience and expertise means that they can readily adapt to each individual client and tailor a unique approach and program for each, taking into account the complexity of their particular requirements.

This ensures Amygdala Consulting’s Executive Coaching services remain:

  • Relevant
  • Timely
  • Culturally appropriate and
  • Consistently deliver value for money

Executive Coaching is not a linear process, and often achieves the most significant results the longer and more consistently the process is engaged.  The combination of an established relationship, trust, openness and accountability create an environment where exponentially greater change and development can occur.  This is particularly the case with respect to the development of emotional intelligence, and the capacity for ‘being’ – which can best be achieved within the context of a relationship.

Amygdala Consulting’s preferred method for delivering Executive Coaching is through a relationship of not less than one year.  We believe this is how we can deliver our clients the best results.  That said, we understand that organisations do not always operate in an ‘ideal’ environment.  So Amygdala Consulting offers a range of flexible options which we can adjust to suit your particular requirements, and the complex nature and timetables of many executives.

Executive Coaching is an individualized process to build executive capabilities, resolve conflicts and create greater effectiveness.  Coaching brings a dialogue that both supports executives and also delivers input and motivation for improved performance and results.


Leadership Development

With the ever-increasing pace of change, leadership and leadership capabilities in individuals, organisations and communities are in greater demand than ever.

Leadership begins with a sound knowledge and understanding of oneself, one’s motivations, desires, strengths, weaknesses and capabilities.  It is through an understanding of oneself, that we can have empathy for and understanding of others.

In addition, resilience, ethics, consistency and reliability as well as sound business acumen are fundamental to effective leadership.

Amygdala Consulting develops and delivers a range of training, coaching and mentoring programs to support the development of leaders, leadership capabilities and facilitative environments for business owners and executives.

Amygdala also offers a unique leadership development program for women, and programs to support the creation of greater gender diversity in leadership positions



Sometimes it is mentoring, rather than coaching, that is required, and that may be better performed from within an organization.  Amygdala Consulting works with organisations to determine the best model of executive support, then assists the organization to source and develop the most appropriate resources.  Sometimes this involves developing a coaching/mentoring culture within, identifying those executives that are best suited to the task of becoming a mentor, and those that could most benefit from it.
We work with each organisation to determine its specific needs.


Change Management

Whilst change may be inevitable, how change is managed can make a defining difference to organizational effectiveness.  Amygdala’s consultants are experienced in the negotiation of change at the corporate, departmental and individual levels of organisations, and are skilled at negotiating the, sometimes, competing interests of each.

Our corporate consulting services include:

  • Change Management Audit and Planning
  • Negotiation of Cultural Changes including Mergers
  • Leadership, Mentoring and Coaching Programs
  • Cultural and Gender Awareness Programs
  • Programs to Support Work/Life Balance



Mediation / Alternative Dispute Resolution

Regrettably, some conflicts and disputes are not easily negotiated, and from time to time a mediator is required.  Mediation can be an extremely efficient and cost effective process to settles disputes, where both parties are seeking to do so.

Amygdala Consulting offers mediation and alternative dispute resolution services to individuals, couples and organisations.  With significant expertise in clarifying and simplifying complex issues, as well as astute insight into human behavior, Amygdala consultants can navigate tricky emotional territory to arrive at a mutually agreed solution.


Customised Training

With more than 30 years combined experience in designing and developing training programs from public workshops through to accredited post graduate trainings, Amygdala’s directors can design and deliver workshops and trainings for your specific needs.


Corporate Consulting Enquiries

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