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Dr Jan Resnick – Director

Originally American and now also Australian, Dr Resnick moved with his family to Perth from London after 17 years of training and practising. He completed two psychotherapy trainings there; one with the Guild of Psychotherapists and one with the Philadelphia Association. Much of that time was spent working with such notable figures and authors in the field as R.D. Laing, John Heaton, Rosemary Gordon, and Christopher Bollas. Dr Resnick founded and ran two mental health and education charities in England; one in Oxford and one in London. In Perth, he founded a children’s charity in Perth called Australia Dreaming and he founded a fourth charity called The Churchill Clinic (Inc.), also a nationally accredited, registered training organisation, which he ran for 18 years until 2008.

He completed a doctoral degree based on his therapeutic work with people suffering from recurrent, and often resistant, medical conditions. His PhD dissertation was called The Psychosomatic Metaphor and subtitled The Poetics of Healing.

Dr Jan Resnick, directors, amygdalaDr Resnick was the founding President of the Psychotherapists & Counsellors Association of Western Australia (Inc.) which incorporated in 1992. This was the first inclusive professional association for counselling and psychotherapy in Western Australia.  The Association  has been instrumental in improving legal regulations governing Psychotherapy in WA as well as raising standards of training for membership, writing and adopting a Code of Ethics and gaining wider public acceptance for Psychotherapy.

Jan Resnick was a delegate from PACAWA for the national professional association called PACFA, the Psychotherapists and Counsellors Federation of Australia. PACFA’s birth in November 1998 established the first national professional association in Australian history for these professions.  As such it represents a significant advance for the promotion and formalization of the professions generally and of their standards of training and practice in particular. Dr Resnick was elected to The Management Committee at the inaugural launch. He has been on the Editorial Advisory Board of the national journal Psychotherapy in Australia since 1994 and he has contributed many articles and a regular column. Jan Resnick is an accredited (psychotherapy) supervisor of psychiatry registrars for the Royal Australian New Zealand College of Psychiatrists. He supervises the legal firm called knowmore that advises clients of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sex Abuse. He also supervises developmental paediatricians at the State Child Development Centre in West Perth.

Dr Resnick is an Advisory Board Member of the Blue Knot Foundation (formerly ASCA – Adult Survivors of Child Abuse) and an Editorial Advisory Board Member of Virtual Medical Centre and Virtual Psychiatry Centre, an online resource for doctors and the public.

In 2016, after 100 published articles and papers, his first book was published called How Two Love and subtitled: Making your relationship work and last, based on his work as a couples counsellor and marital therapist. See and

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Cath Resnick – Director

Cath brings a wealth of business advisory experience to Amygdala Consulting including a background in strategy, negotiation, marketing and the development of operational systems and processes. With entrepreneurial flair, she has successfully established businesses and social enterprises in industries such as engineering/construction, finance, training and health. (See also

Cath KinChip Profile PhotoRecognised as a leading psychological strategist, Cath is sought after by private, high growth and multi-generational family businesses where she has provided strategic planning, governance, succession planning, consumer insight, performance management and philanthropic advisory. Her clients include Essense of Australia, Biosymm and Family Business Australia, spanning industries as diverse as digital marketing, building services, logistics, design manufacture, professional services and industry associations.

As a business leader, Cath excels at managing profitability and performance through periods of rapid growth and change. She is adept at identifying future trends and market gaps, developing new revenue streams and positioning organisations at the forefront of their respective industries, globally. Cath also has a professional background as a Clinical Psychotherapist, was a Director, CEO and Faculty Member of The Churchill Clinic (Inc.) and is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Within the community sector, Cath has held senior executive and Board positions in the areas of mental health, youth, disability and education. A dedicated advocate for youth, early intervention and mentorship, she established ‘The Dungeon’ youth drop in centre in 1999, which rapidly became a model for Perth’s youth service community (and remains so) culminating in a national award.

With a vision to create enterprise models that deliver social impact alongside financial returns, Cath is passionate about the promise that emerging technologies bring to health, education and the global community.