The philosophy that underpins psychotherapy & counselling is relatively straightforward. We believe that issues that arise in ourselves, our relationships and our lives benefit from reflection and professional attention and discussion. Many of us find that we think about our experiences and behaviour within our own internal dialogue. Opening up that private dialogue and bringing in another perspective can be beneficial. A true dialogue brings a counter-point to our usual ways of thinking which, in turn, opens new ways of looking at ourselves and new paths forward.

Issues that remain enclosed within our own self-system often recur in different ways. If we look closely at our most pressing issues we often find similarities and patterns that become more urgent to attend to when things go wrong or even reach a crisis point.

‘Where we are’ at this time reflects the development that we have been able to effect by ourselves. Inevitably, we arrive at a limit without the help of another person or process.

Psychotherapy and counselling are designed to be a developmental process. We believe that mental/emotional and spiritual development is a life-long task. We cannot control everything but what happens in our lives often has much to do with what we bring to it. To take full responsibility for that requires a process and a partnership that examines our experience in depth and detail. This brings us to insights and understandings regarding our part in things. Our aim is to learn from our past mistakes and not to repeat them. And the process itself which grows out of a professional relationship that deepens over time opens new choices and possibilities to promote growth at a personal level. Research has also demonstrated that the new experiences that arise in and through a properly-conducted professional relationship have a healing function, help to overcome the consequences of trauma, generate enhanced neuronal pathways in the brain, and assist us in feeling better and functioning more creatively and productively.

While we are aware of current trends in psychology and psychiatry, psychotherapy and counselling are most focussed on the individual person or relationship, and the unique nuances of what makes each of us who we are. As a developmental process, psychotherapy and counselling are tailored to suit each person in their own way and according to their own needs. In our practices, one size does not fit all!

The essential ethos of our work is to practice with thoughtfulness and compassion.