Privacy Policy

Privacy Statement


Amygdala Consulting is committed to protecting the privacy of clients at all times. It is our firm professional conviction that therapy consultations should be conducted in an environment of total privacy and absolute confidentiality. While each therapist has his/her own approach to the collection and maintenance of records, we keep our notes in a locked filing cabinet which itself is kept in a locked room. Usually, notes will be taken either during or immediately after a consultation. Records remain within our control and possession. You are encouraged to discuss the collection of information directly with your therapist if you have any concern or question about this.

Disclosures to Other Parties

Unless required by law, legislation or statute, your therapist is the only person authorised to access your consultation notes without your consent. Within professional standards and normal professional practices, de-identified information may be presented to a clinical supervisor, or occasionally used to contribute to research within the profession or as a case history in a training environment. We change identifying details that are not pertinent to the case in such instances so that there is no chance of recognition. If this is not possible then the material is not used. Contact and billing details may be maintained on hard copy or an electronic database or software programs such as for accountancy purposes and available to staff of Amygdala Consulting, or its authorised agents for the purposes of account maintenance, billing, other relevant communications or debt collection. Parents, guardians or persons responsible for a minor, do not automatically have the right to access their information. A person of any age has the absolute right to the privacy of their material. Their consent would be required prior to any disclosures and it would have to be deemed to be in the interest of the child for any disclosures to take place. Ultimately the disclosure of information pertaining to a minor is at the discretion of the counselor/therapist. Equally, the disclosure of information pertaining to any other client, where that client is deemed incapable of judging whether or not disclosure should occur, in their own interest, is at the discretion of the therapist. Where clients are accessing therapy services through an Employee Assistance Program, information provided to the employer is limited to the date, time, duration, cost and name of employee. No other information is provided to the employer without the client’s express consent in writing.

Workshop and Training Participants

Information collected from participants may be stored on hard copy, or electronically on our database at our premises in Claremont, or another premises for the purposes of:

  • assessment,
  • the dissemination of information to students
  • administrative tasks including collection of fees and payments
  • third party confirmation of training (ie employers, )

Except as stated, identifiable information is not passed on to third parties without the participant’s consent, unless required by law, statute, legislation or public safety. Participants may request access to their records.