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Have You Considered Counselling?

Often we hear of Counselling being called for after a critical incident, accidents, injuries and other sorts of traumatic events. But Counselling is also for issues of living, for relationship difficulties, work conflicts, emotional distress, mental confusion, and all manner of internal and external problems. Often the external affects the internal and vice versa. Counselling may take a practical approach for some matters and a psychological approach for others, or both. They are not exclusive.

Practically anyone can find at some point in their life that they suffer depression or anxiety, existential despair, futility, or struggle to come to terms with loss. Anyone can lose their way. Even the most high-functioning and accomplished people can find themselves in mental anguish or emotional agony. This is part of living. We work equally with people who are suffering from the worst of what life can throw at us or those who are suffering from a diagnosable mental disorder. Such suffering benefits from taking a regular time to attend to it.

Counselling brings a different, qualified perspective into our usual ways of looking at things. The Counselling relationship is uncommonly accepting and facilitating of who we are and what we are going through at any given time. But it can also be confronting when it needs to be, to challenge us when we are out of control or out of order.

Regular sessions with a Counsellor involving reflection, discussion, interpretation and a professional focus on the underlying reasons for our distress, disorder or dysfunction makes a positive difference. At best, it can be transformational.


“Counselling is fundamentally about personal development and growth. “

We are concerned to help people with the immediate situation or problem that is brought and discover the underlying reasons; how did we get into this situation in the first place? Sometimes, it can be easy to solve a problem but not pay attention to why it has arisen. That may be helpful but only for a short time until a similar problem arises again because the underlying reasons have not been attended to.

anxiety, depression, trauma, stress, relationships, marriage, loneliness, grief, Counselling is a therapeutic process where we focus our attention on what matters, what isn’t working, what is hurtful or harmful to us, and how we can function better and feel better. There is little doubt that the way we experience the world and ourselves in it has everything to do with what happens and how that, in turn, affects us. We can call this our individual, personal psychology. We are concerned to help our clients improve their personal psychology, their mindsets, their orientations to living, their emotional capacities and creative potential in the service of resolving problems and unsatisfactory situations, of relieving suffering and cultivating insights that advance our selves, our relationships and our achievements. We know from experience that making a space and time in the busyness of our lives to pay attention to these matters makes a meaningful difference in the longer term. We invite you to phone for a free half-hour consultation to discuss how Counselling may be of value to you.


Our Approach

Our approach to Counselling is to discover what the client’s individual situation is, what exactly requires help, what is personal to your experience in order to determine how best to work. Counselling is not applied psychology in the sense of delivering the same message to every client. Where there is suffering or disturbance, or whatever the nature of each person’s problems, we bring a fresh approach, to work together to develop the best method of improving what is going on and how we feel inside.


Who should I see?

If you have never had an experience of therapy before, the task of choosing the right therapist can be a daunting one. Amygdala Consulting offers a free half hour referral service, with a qualified practitioner, who will attempt to find the right therapist for you, one who is a “good fit” based upon your individual preferences and needs.

psychotherapy, psychotherapist, counsellor, counsellingIn identifying an appropriate therapist, we take into consideration what you are seeking to gain from therapy, what style of therapist would be most suitable for you, whether a male or female therapist is preferred, what fees you can afford, what level of qualifications or experience is appropriate in a therapist and we also try to accommodate you with a convenient location.

Our first choices for referral will be ourselves if either Catherine or Jan feel they are a suitable choice (and the client agrees!) though Cath is focussing mainly on business consulting now. We are also aware of many other qualified therapists in the broader community. A professional referral service puts what is deemed to be in the best interest of the client first and foremost. Jan originated the idea of a free half hour referral service and has been offering this since 1991. He has referred literally hundreds of people to other therapists over that time and many other therapists have taken up the practice of an initial free half-hour.

If you would like to take advantage of the free half hour,
please phone 08 9383 3132 to arrange an appointment.